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'Secret meetings were held by these financial tycoons. Hemp was declared dangerous and a threat to their billion dollar enterprises. For their dynasties to remain intact, hemp had to go. This then led them to take an obscure Mexican slang word – ‘marihuana’ – and push it into the consciousness of America. 

The reason why they changed the name was because everyone knew of hemp and how amazing it was for the world. They would never be able to get away with banning hemp, so they used a name they knew no one would recognize.'

Tomato Extract Better Than Aspirin For Blood Thinning And Without The Side Effects

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'Decreasing "platelet activation" lowers the risk of "thrombosis" -- or the forming of dangerous blood clots that cause heart attacks and strokes. It's the reason many doctors to this day still recommend aspirin despite treatment with the drug increasing cardiac failure, including heart attacks and bleeding episodes. New research show tomato extracts can thin blood as effectively or better than aspirin without the side effects.'


The most popular vitamin C myths exposed

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'Myth number four: The “vitamin C complex”

The whole concept of vitamin C existing naturally in a multi-compound complex is a fiction of preposterous proportions. Whether the individuals, mostly on the internet, really believe this to be true or are intentionally promoting a fraud is not clear.

Certainly, everyone making such ridiculous assertions ultimately ends up promoting some type of a “vitamin C complex” supplement. These individuals even go so far as to say that ascorbic acid is not vitamin C, that ascorbic acid has no impact by itself, and that ascorbic acid alone cannot resolve scurvy, the classical vitamin C deficiency disease.

These assertions are astoundingly wrong, to say the least.'


How Movement Extends Life

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'When it comes to extending one’s life, the consensus is that genetics and lifestyle both have a role. We can’t change who our parents are, but we can certainly make good lifestyle choices. 

Maintaining optimal body weight through the management of caloric intake has profound benefits. However, the idea of adding movement and activity is rarely exploited by so- called “Life Extensionists”.

This is a big mistake because exercise and physical activity are an integral part of one’s health and longevity.'


How Thanksgiving Promotes Health and Happiness

'If you typically cringe when it's time to go around the table and share what you're grateful for, remembering the benefits you reap may ease your discomfort. As noted in a previous CNN report on gratitude and Thanksgiving:

"… there are some very practical reasons to get into the spirit of things, by taking a minute to remember the reasons you're blessed. These are lessons that can be applied year-round."

According to studies, the benefits of gratitude rituals — be it giving thanks at mealtime, keeping a gratitude journal, or sending thank-you notes — include:'


Refuting Past Evidence - People Who Live Into Their 90s With Incredible Memories Have Alzheimer's Plaques

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'In the last few decades, over $40 billion has been spent worldwide on trying to develop a breakthrough drug treatment for Alzheimer's, and most of these treatments are focused on clearing amyloid plaques which scientists assumed was a major contributor. Now post mortems have revealed that these "superagers" manage to do this even when their brains have the hallmarks of Alzheimer's diseases.'


Cranberries: The Holiday Healthy Superfood

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'It’s traditionally common to include some form of cranberry offering as a side dish with Thanksgiving dinners, along with turkey or turkey substitutes and stuffing. Ironically, it just might prove to be the healthiest part of the meal. Its health benefits are unknown, ignored, or underrated.

Its somewhat tart taste isn’t an attractive feature for many of us, including this reporter. My understanding is the tart taste would be worse if some sort of healthy sweetener wasn’t added to any type of cranberry offering.

But cranberries modified minimally do offer the most health benefits, while the excessively sucrose sweetened commercial juices negatively impact those benefits.'


Gratitude is Good for the Heart and Soul

Gratitude is Good for the Heart and Soul
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'A new study discovered the more grateful you are, the lower your risk of heart attack. Is there a recipe for gratitude? Learn what highly grateful people do differently from the rest.'
"Gratitude opens the door to the power, the wisdom, and the creativity of the Universe" -  Deepak Chopra


Reishi mushroom combats cancer and deadly microorganisms

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'Like a reliable wake-up call, Reishi mushrooms activate the disease-fighting cells of your immune system, pushing them to aggressively combat cancer and other diseases. It’s little wonder Reishi mushrooms have been prized by Eastern medicine for centuries.

Scientific studies have shown Reishi mushroom extracts to be effective in combating tumor growth, preventing cancer and prolonging life. But its immune-boosting advantages aren’t limited to cancer.'

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Can Medical Marijuana Fight the Opioid Epidemic?

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'It’s clear that urgent action needs to be taken to fight the opioid epidemic, including finding safer, more effective options for pain relief.

Medical marijuana, which has far fewer side effects and is effective for pain relief, fits the bill, and a new study will finally pit the two against each other to test marijuana’s potential as a replacement.'


CDC SPIDER is the Biggest Medical Whistleblower Event in History

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'CDC SPIDER constitutes the biggest whistleblower event we’ve ever seen, bigger even than Thompson’s disturbing and compelling confession of conspiracy and coverup at the highest levels. The latest bombshell reveals (read: confirms once more) that the corruption and complicity are not anomalies, but entrenched systemic problems.'


Studies Show Neuro-Protective Effects of Real Maple Syrup

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'Over the past several decades of unsustainable agricultural practices, farmland topsoil has lost much of its organic mineral content. There are a few food items from crops that do not depend on topsoil for its nutrition. Among them is maple syrup.

The large more commonly used maple tree varieties and even occasional birch trees tapped for their saps have roots that extend far below the topsoil level into layers of relatively pristine and less adulterated deep soil. It’s there that maple syrup gets its high mineral content.'


More Coffee May Lead To A Longer Life

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'Tired of apologizing for your addiction to a morning mug (or two or three) of coffee? No more need for guilt – that java may be just what the doctor should order.

According to a study in the New England Journal of Medicine, older adults who drink coffee have a lower risk of death overall than non-coffee drinkers. The coffee drinkers were less likely to die from heart disease, respiratory disease, stroke, injuries and accidents, diabetes, and infections.'


Prescription Drugs: Time to “Just Say No”

'They're dangerous,even deadly, but hugely profitable. Big Pharma has bought politicians and doctors. Only the American public can stop it by refusing the product. 

Most people are understandably afraid to say no. They don’t know enough about medicine. We understand. We aren’t doctors and never offer medical advice. But the Internet has put most medical research at your doorstep, including information about drug side effects and risks. And there are integrative doctors who can offer sound advice on the subject.'