VRM: Primary Reasons Not To Get The Flu Shot

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'This powerful Vaccine Resistance Movement article will definitely never be posted on an established Mainstream Media hub such as the New York Times or the Washington Post. Why? Because it contains enough incendiary information to bring down the corrupt Vaccine Industry.'


Thyroid Cancer Scare: The Test Removes Your Thyroid Whether it is Cancerous or Not

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'Suppose you went to a doctor for low energy and a raspy throat. You vaguely suspect your thyroid is weak, maybe hypothyroidism. But after a series of tests, tiny nodules were found on your throat and the doctor determined you needed to have your thyroid removed, a thyroidectomy, to determine whether or not the nodules are cancerous.

Then you are told not to worry, there are medicines that will be prescribed to replace the missing thyroid’s hormone production.' 


Treating Pain Without Drugs

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'Research suggests, however, that these drugs work for only about three months, after which changes in your brain may lead to increased feelings of pain along with added emotional upset, including feelings of hopelessness and desperation.

Many pain sufferers have tried virtually every treatment that conventional medicine has to offer — medications, injections, surgery and more — only to find that their pain hasn't gotten better and they may be struggling with treatment-induced side effects as well (one of the worst of which is opioid addiction).'


Growing Herbal Helpers at Home

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'Herbs are normally thought of as a culinary addition to transform a boring dish into an amazing meal, but many of them are easy to grow, easy to maintain and bestow a number of health benefits.

The pharmacy of the future will not dispense pharmaceuticals, but instead nutraceuticals. A great way to start this movement is in the comfort of your own home, by growing herbs in your kitchen.'


The Reason Europeans Are Thinner - They Focus On The Pleasure of Eating

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'The rapid rise in portion sizes in the west has gone hand in hand with rising rates of obesity. No country in the world has the quantity of fast food outlets with the diversity of portions sizes as the United States.

To curb supersizing, governments and public health institutions have advocated portion size limits and health warnings, but they have had limited success. Many European nations can teach the west a thing or two about eating. They pursue cuisine which is full of flavor and high in satisfaction.

They don't believe in low-fat, low-carb, low-taste, or low-calorie, but they do believe in enjoying their food, taking the time to eat at the table, knowing when to stop eating and educating their children about food.'


Experience Tulsi: The Queen of Herbs

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Tulsi… What is it?

'More commonly known as holy basil (Ocimum Sanctum), tulsi-holy basil is a species of the Lamiaceae family. While culinary basil has many benefits of its own, the restorative properties of tulsi are beneficial for body, mind and soul.

After more than 5,000 years of use in its native India, tulsi is expanding to the United States as a go-to herb, and for good reason. From digestion to immunity, stress relief, mood enhancement and all bodily systems in between, tulsi will keep you balanced.'


New Alzheimer’s treatment fully restores memory function

'Australian researchers have come up with a non-invasive ultrasound technology that clears the brain of neurotoxic amyloid plaques - structures that are responsible for memory loss and a decline in cognitive function in Alzheimer’s patients.

If a person has Alzheimer’s disease, it’s usually the result of a build-up of two types of lesions - amyloid plaques, and neurofibrillary tangles. Amyloid plaques sit between the neurons and end up as dense clusters of beta-amyloid molecules, a sticky type of protein that clumps together and forms plaques.'


The Science of Ayahuasca

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'If you're interested in alternative medicine and deep spiritual work, you've probably caught wind of a hard to pronounce, and very powerful purification rite called Ayahuasca. This ancient A word is Quechua in origin and refers both to an Amazonian healing ceremony and also the sacred beverage that is drank during it.

Ayahuasca has made headlines in recent months for its psychedelic properties which induce visions, as well as its purgative properties which cause many to expel liquids and solids from their bodies – a ritual detoxification of sorts.'


Harry Hoxsey’s Cancer Cure and His Long War Against the Medical Establishment

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'After being arrested for practicing medicine without a license from his Taylorville, Illinois clinic, Hoxsey went to Chicago around 1924 to prove his remedies’ efficacy to Morris Fishbein, the AMA head and editor of the newly started JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association).

Hoxsey’s tonic and salve was tested with a terminal cancer patient of Dr. Malcom Harris, Chicago policeman, Sgt. Thomas Manix. He was cured by Hoxsey’s herbal treatments in three months and wound up living another 10 years. Dr. Harris and Fishbein were impressed enough to extend a purchase offer to Hoxsey for the rights to his family’s formulas.'



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'First off, I’d like to point out something. This isn’t an article about drugs, or the idea that escaping with a drug will only give you a temporary uplift in mood.

This article is about plant medicine.
Actually, a specific plant medicine called psilocybin, or, more commonly referred to as Magic Mushrooms. 

There are many different and naturally occurring (as in, grown in the wild) medicines all over the world that I believe are here for a reason.


The Ultimate Guide to Golden Milk, Everything You Need to Know

'Golden Milk is based on the traditional Ayurvedic recipe that has been savored for centuries and used to support the mind and body in a number of ways.*

Making Golden Milk from scratch only takes about 15 minutes — if you have all the ingredients already on hand — but in today’s busy world, sometimes even that can feel like an insurmountable task. 

That’s why we created our own convenient version, which honors the Ayurvedic roots of this nourishing drink — and acknowledges the realities of our over scheduled lives.'


9 Blue Zones Lessons For Slowing Down

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'Despite all of the electronic conveniences that should theoretically make more time available for coffee with a friend, reading a book or relaxing, it seems we just keep getting busier and more stressed. It seems every waking moment is scheduled with work or kids or social obligations or chores–and our electronics ramp up the urgency, pinging us with reminders.

Every time we feel worry, hurry or stress, it triggers the inflammatory response. This inflammation builds up with time, creating the conditions that invite heart disease, several cancers, Alzheimer’s Disease and even more wrinkles.'


Why the Sun Is Necessary for Optimal Health

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'How is it that sunlight, once regarded as a divine power in some cultures, has come to be classified as a Class 1 carcinogen by the World Health Organization (WHO)? This is a question posed by photobiologist Dr. Alexander Wunsch, CEO of Medical Light Consulting in Heidelberg, Germany.

It’s a fundamental one because it shows the dichotomy between sunlight in ancient and modern cultures. Once revered as a healing power, today sunlight is blamed for disease and humans are urged to largely shun this natural element.'


Study: Wasp Venom May Be Able to Kill Cancer Cells Without Damaging Healthy Cells

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'Just more proof that nature has our back – researchers are now investigating Brazilian Wasps for their venom’s ability to attack cancer cells.

Aside from entomologists, no one really cares for wasps. They don’t make tasty honey, their sting can be very painful and they’re not all that interesting to look at.

Turns out wasps have their own potentially life-saving secret – a toxin in their venom targets cancerous cells while leaving healthy cells alone.'