12 Summer Self-Care Tips from Acupuncturists

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'Summer is here! From an acupuncture perspective, seasons are a big deal, since humans are viewed as microcosms of the natural world that surrounds them. Weather and time of year can factor significantly into how we feel, both physically and emotionally.

Acupuncturists are full of self-care tips for navigating seasonal changes, so I asked some of my colleagues to share advice for staying happy and healthy in summertime. Here’s what they had to say.'


Could You Benefit From Ayurvedic Treatment For Cancer?

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'The world’s ancient systems of healing have prevailed despite the saturation of modern conventional medicine for one reason… they work. 

And because of this, they have been incorporated into the everyday lives, spiritual philosophies, health habits, and cultural customs of billions of people on the planet. Perhaps in no other healing tradition is this more evident than in the ancient practice of Ayurveda.

Let’s explore what Ayurveda has to say about the very modern dis-ease of cancer and look at the ayurvedic treatment for cancer.'


SSRI Antidepressants Put Patients at Clear Risk of Suicide

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'It is now estimated that 1 in 8 Americans are on serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI) antidepressants1 and a shocking 1 in 4 among women in their 40s and 50s.Yet the U.S. suicide rate of 38,000 a year has never been higher.

Clearly the glut of SSRI prescriptions is not lowering the national suicide rate; rather there is compelling evidence that the popular pills are actually contributing to suicide.'


5 Foods to Prevent Alzheimer’s

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'This probably isn’t the first time you’ve seen information regarding foods and nutrients to support brain function. And if you Google this topic, you’re likely to wind up with a large number of suggestions. Are all of them accurate? Probably not.'


7 Proven Reasons To Eat More Blueberries

7 Proven Reasons to Eat More Blueberries
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'Eating even less than a cup of blueberries a day helps fend off heart disease, cancer, brain aging, and much more. Here are seven great reasons to eat more blueberries every day.

Spring and summer are prime seasons for fresh blueberries. But there are good reasons to eat them all year round. Blueberries pack huge health benefits in a tiny package.'


The Remarkable Link Between Tight Hips and Your Emotions

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'What do tight hips say about your emotional health? Are you carrying around emotional baggage in your pelvis?

I’ve been to many a yoga class where the teacher has compared hips to the body’s junk drawer. It’s the place where we put emotions when we don’t know what else to do with them. It makes sense considering so many of us have tight hips and the pain that goes along with them. Let’s take a look at the connection.'


Treating Cancer Naturally: How It Can Fail

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'There are many alternative cancer remedies that are without harmful side effects and more effective than chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. You need to also know what is often omitted or ignored that causes natural cures to fail or relapses to occur.'


Antibiotics can stop the growth of new brain cells and impair memory

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'It’s long been known that antibiotics cause problems in the gut, disrupting the population of healthy microorganisms, increasing vulnerability to a variety of infectious diseases. 

But evidence is now emerging that antibiotics, with the ability to kill gut bacteria, also have the ability to stop the growth of new brain cells in the hippocampus – the area of the brain associated with memory.'


Debunking More Bad Science - People With High Levels of 'Bad Cholesterol' Actually Live Longer Than Those With Low Levels

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'Mainstream medicine promotes in large what they want to sell from a fear perspective. The don't sell health. They can't, because they sell little fear pills that have consumers in the billions gobble up out of fear fictitious diseases. 

Bad cholesterol is a good example because there is nothing bad about any type of cholesterol. The fact that people with high cholesterol live the longest has already emerged clearly from many scientific papers.'


Iodine-Rich Foods Fight Breast Cancer

Iodine-Rich Foods Fight Breast Cancer
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'Women with iodine deficiencies are more likely to develop breast cancer. Eat more of these iodine-rich foods to reduce your risk.

The myth persists that a mammogram is the number one way to avoid breast cancer.

But the truth is that mammogram radiation can cause cancer... mammograms don't prolong lives... and breast cancer screenings result in over-diagnosis and over-treatment.'


25 Years of Pharmaceutical Devastation Reversed by Cannabis

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“I was a patient that really could not be treated by western medicine. I learned to walk and talk again three different times, but I never saw any improvement in my condition. It was an endless cycle, until, of course, I was introduced to cannabis!” –Debbie Wilson

"Twenty-five years ago, Debbie Wilson was struck down in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant by a clueless driver in a pick-up truck. Upon impact, she was knocked to the ground head first and then as if to “finish it off” the driver inadvertently backed up over her."


Healthy Grilling Tips to Minimize Carcinogens in Your Food (ATTENTION MEAT AND FISH EATERS)

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'Maybe you’ve heard rumors that warn of carcinogens being created from grilling or “backyard” barbecuing. Well, they aren’t just rumors. Grilling over an open flame can be a serious health hazard due to the chemical reactions that take place when animal foods such as beef, poultry, pork, and fish are cooked at high temperatures.'


The Many Health Benefits of Coenzyme Q10 and Ubiquinol

'Ubiquinol is the reduced version of coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10, aka ubiquinone). They're actually the same molecule, but when CoQ10 is reduced it takes on two electrons, which turns it into what we call ubiquinol.

In your body, this conversion occurs thousands of times every second inside your mitochondria — the "engine" of each cell in which energy is produced'


Why the ‘Best’ Conventional Cancer Treatment Will Never Cure You from Cancer

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'For all the bracelets, clothing, social media campaigns, walks, and races dedicated to finding a cure for the world’s second leading cause of death, cancer is still a hallmark disease of modern society. 

A disease that for all intents and purposes is just as un-treatable today as it was 40 years ago − at least from a conventional perspective.'