9 Things To Embrace In 2017 To End Procrastination, Anxiety, Guilt, Frustration and Anger

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'As the year comes to a close, we all recognize that 2016 has brought us many surprises, all of them beautiful in their own way. If it wasn't about a transition moving forward, we wouldn't be here. So here are 9 things to embrace in 2017 for what is to be a new beginning of the new self.'


How Holy Basil Helps Your Body Adapt to Stress & Reduce Cancer Growth

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'Tulsi, more commonly known as Holy Basil, is one of the best superfood herbs on the planet. “Tulsi” means “The Incomparable One” and is reflective of the powerful health benefits it contains. Holy Basil was a staple of Hindu mythology and the Indian royalty considered this herb sacred. Modern scientific evidence supports that this herb supports balancing the body, mind, and spirit.'


Vaccines under the surface: what mainstream news won’t connect Fantasy: “vaccines remarkably safe and effective”

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'The article below was a small section of my book, AIDS INC., which I wrote in 1987-8. At the time, I decided to take a look at vaccines and see what I could find out about them.
My ensuing research led me into all sorts of surprising areas.

Since the period of 1987-8, much more has come to light about vaccine safety and efficacy. Here is what I discovered way back when—'


Can Hangovers Be Prevented?

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'Before we get started, let's agree upon the obvious: the best way to prevent a hangover (medically termed veisalgia) is not to drink alcohol to excess or at all.

Now that we've got that out of the way, is there any way to prevent the inevitable "morning after" that follows an evening of unhealthy indulgence?

It turns out that there just may be. And not only will it help the sufferer feel better but it may help lower some of alcohol's adverse effects on the brain and body.'


DMSO: A Powerful Healing Agent Used in Cancer Treatment but Censored in U.S.

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'Russian scientist Alexander Zaytsev discovered DMSO as an industrial solvent by oxygenating dimethyl sulfide. Yet it was around 100 years later that Dr. Stanley Jacob at the Oregon Health and Science University Medical School discovered highly purified DMSO could penetrate skin and organ membranes without damaging them.

Then in the 1970s, even mainstream media was reporting DMSO as a promising safe and highly effective curing agent for several maladies. There were studies demonstrating DMSO’s ability as a powerful adjunct for orthodox chemo therapies and even a promising natural solution for curing cancer by itself.'


Friendship, Not Money, Makes People Happy

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'In the quest for happiness, many people put their hopes on the attainment of material possessions when what may matter most of all, according to new research, are things that money can’t buy, namely good health and strong relationships.

In the new Origins of Happiness study, findings of which were presented at the London School of Economics (LSE) well-being conference in December 2016, survey data collected from four countries revealed the key determinants of people’s life satisfaction.'



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'The case against sugar

Here’s the short Cliff Notes version: Sugar’s been implicated in everything from chronic, life-threatening health issues—such as diabetes and heart disease—to skin problems and good old stealthy weight gain.

Health experts like Frank Lipman, MD, have gone so far as to call sugar “the devil”, and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has recently required brands to better highlight the sugar content on food labels in a bigger way.'


Linus Pauling Heart Disease Prevention with Vitamin C

Linus Pauling Heart Disease Prevention with Vitamin C
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'Mainstream medicine may laugh, but this Vitamin C protocol could be the key to a healthy heart. The Steam Roller is Not Joking

I once had a conversation with a cardiologist friend of mine in which I casually mentioned the Linus Pauling Theory of heart disease, and the subsequent idea that a non-toxic nutritional supplement program with vitamin C and a few amino acids could prevent and reverse heart disease. 

The response from my cardiologist friend was hearty laughter that anyone would even suggest such a nonsensical idea, and surely you must be joking?'


Hydrotherapy: The Wonder Medicine Hidden in Plain Sight

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'Hydrotherapy, the therapeutic use of water, includes everyday remedies your mother probably taught you. It also includes a slew of powerful methods for easing muscle soreness, relieving cough and flu symptoms, reducing stress and other uses. In one form or another, they all use one of the most elemental materials on earth.

“Water is an amazingly complex yet simple substance that can do all kinds of healing things,” says Dean E. Neary, Jr., ND (‘96), chair of the Department of Physical Medicine at Bastyr University. “In this high-tech world, some of the best remedies are the most basic.”

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Little Black Seed Powerfully Treats Hepatitis C Patients

Little Black Seed That Powerfully Treats Hepatitis C Patients
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'Nigella sativa (a.k.a. Black seed), a food-condiment and medicine that has long been revered in the Middle East as ‘the remedy for everything but death,’ has been undergoing something of a scientific revival in the past few years.'


Gut Health 101: What Is the Microbiome?

An image of bacteria. The Microbiome is the set of genes of the bacteria living in our bodies.
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'The human body is a complex, interconnected ecosystem and the gut is at the center of it all. The gut is where the body converts food to energy. The gut is a major, frontline component of the immune system. 

The gut is connected to the central nervous system, brain, and can influence mood. You can’t talk about the gut or its importance without talking about the organisms that live there.'


Moving From a Petroleum-based Society To Bio-Based - Secret Medicinal Toolbox of Plants Unlocked

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'Using molecular movie technology, scientists have confirmed for the first that a cluster of enzymes discovered unlock a plant's secret medicinal toolbox.

The metabolic activities of higher organisms are highly coordinated. At the cellular level, compartmentalization into organelles and substructures thereof optimizes the concentration of substrates targeted by enzymes.'


How Physical Inactivity Increases Risk for Chronic Diseases

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'Evidence shows that inactivity or lack of movement that is best exemplified by prolonged sitting, actively promotes dozens of chronic diseases, and these risks apply even if you're very fit. In fact, sitting for too long, too often, is an independent risk factor for ill health and reduced longevity.

Dr. James Levine is co-director of the Mayo Clinic and the Arizona State University Obesity Initiative and author of the book "Get Up! Why Your Chair Is Killing You and What You Can Do About It."

According to Levine, there are at least 10,000 published studies showing that sitting harms health, irrespective of other lifestyle habits, including an excellent exercise program.'


Video Transcript: Why I’d Nebulize Colloidal Silver to Treat Lung Cancer


Lung Cancer

Ty Bollinger: Doctor comes to you and says, “Robert Scott Bell, your last blood work shows that you have lung cancer.” What do you do?

Dr. Robert Scott Bell: Well, I’m going to nebulize [colloidal] silver. Silver has shown to have profound oncolytic properties. This is something we can do.


Colloidal Silver and Cancer

Recent clinical research utilizing silver nanoparticles against cancer cells has demonstrated that there just might be something to the myriad of anecdotal stories for silver’s oft-claimed but as yet unproven cancer-fighting properties…

Here’s some potentially good news for cancer patients.

Two recent clinical studies have looked at the idea of using silver nanoparticles as a method to shrink cancer tumors.


Coconut Oil Reverses Dementia in an 85-Year-Old Man at 35 days

Should Big Pharma Be on Your Holiday Gift List? Drug Research Funded by Taxpayers

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'If you forgot the pharmaceutical industry, don’t worry. The federal government will take care of it for you.

The refrain we hear from representatives of the pharmaceutical industry is that drug costs are high because the research, development, and shepherding of drugs through the FDA’s approval process is astronomically costly. 

What they fail to mention is that the development of many blockbuster drugs are paid for by the taxpayers before being handed over to drug companies, which then proceed to charge exorbitant prices for the drug.'


Medical Cannabis and Its Impact on Human Health a Cannabis Documentary

Natural Allopathic medicine: the power to heal and cure cancer

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'There has never been a more important time for all systems of healing to integrate and bring their best practices to the forefront. Practitioners of allopathic medicine should be working directly with naturopaths to put patients first and get to the root causes of human suffering and disease. Good medicine should strive vigorously to do no harm to patients, while providing the knowledge and pathways for individuals to heal themselves.'


New Study Reveals Harmful Effects of Dim Light Exposure During Sleep

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'When it's dark, your melatonin levels increase, which is why you may feel tired when the sun starts to set. Conversely, when you're exposed to bright artificial lighting at night, including blue light emitted from TV's and electronic screens, you may have trouble falling asleep due to suppressed melatonin levels.

Many sleep problems can be resolved by making sure you avoid blue light exposure after sunset and sleep in total darkness.'


New California Proposed Bill to Increase Government Seizure of Children from Families?

Photo of little girl crying

More often than is publicized, CPS (Child Protection Services) actions force children into foster homes where they somehow get lost or disappear. Foster homes and institutions often do not report missing children. 

And what happens to children missing from CPS placed foster homes or institutions? Some are prescribed psychotropics if they have behavioral issues or forced into drug trials against their will. Some die as a result.

Some of those children who were initially kidnapped by CPS social workers wind up in the ever increasingly reported child trafficking for sex trades. It has been reported that the illegal money earned from sexual trafficking exceeds the money earned from the flow of illegal drugs. 

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5 Phytonutrients You Should Be Eating for Everyday Detox

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'There is a surprisingly simple way to combat the toxins we come into contact with everyday: phytonutrients! Fill your plate with colorful foods to support your body's natural detoxification function.'


Sunlight offers surprise benefit—it energizes infection fighting T cells

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'Sunlight allows us to make vitamin D, credited with healthier living, but a surprise research finding could reveal another powerful benefit of getting some sun.

Georgetown University Medical Center researchers have found that sunlight, through a mechanism separate than vitamin D production, energizes T cells that play a central role in human immunity.'


Study: Vaccinations Confer Autoimmune Diseases Without Toxic Additives

Vaccine in vial with syringe. Vaccination concept image.

Many concerned parents have focused on “greening” vaccines, ensuring there are no toxic additives such as thimerosal (mercury), aluminum, and the several other additives that shouldn’t be injected into human or animal blood and tissue.

The thinking was that perhaps the intense vaccination schedules and annual flu shot campaigns would be justifiable methods of conferring the disinformation dogma of “herd immunity.”

But they’re wrong. At best they’re exchanging imagined infectious disease protection for autoimmune diseases, according to a study published in Japan that looked at antigens only, independent of adjuncts or preservatives.

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Opposing Mandatory Vaccination - Act Now!

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'Lawyers working to close CDC loopholes of forced medication, quarantine, and human microchipping.

Health-freedom attorneys for the Pandemic Response Project (PReP) are not happy with President Obama's CDC and its latest (August 2016) proposed rules allowing forced medication, quarantine, and electronic tracking of humans. And sadly, the 50 States (especially California) are among the worst offenders of health freedom, so the situation is relatively complex when it comes to protecting legal rights during a pandemic.'


A New Way of Looking at Heart Disease and Novel Treatment Options

What's Wrong With the Plaque Theory?

'Post-mortem autopsy studies — which are available on Cowan's website, humanheartcosmicheart.com — looking at arterial blockages in the area leading to the part that had an attack showed that only 18 percent were actually blocked. That means that in 82 percent of cases, a blocked artery was NOT the cause of the heart attack.

So, what caused it?


How to Get Rid of Bugs Organically

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'The more we discover about synthetic pesticides, herbicides and insecticides the more we learn how unhealthy they are for the environment and the people and animals that live in it. Pesticides can create more problems than they solve.

Spraying garden chemicals to get rid of bugs and weeds not only cause health risks, they often aren’t even that effective. Initially, they will kill off a lot of pests, but eventually these pests can develop resistance to the pesticide and come back even stronger. Another problem is the side effects many synthetic pesticides can have on unintended targets (think of DDT and birds).'


Cancer Horror Story: Cancer Industry Hides Awful Truth That Chemo Often Kills Patients Before Cancer Does

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'The shocking study was published in LANCET ONCOLOGY in September of this year and was reported by a limited number of news sources. Guardian Aug 30, 2016] Most were obscure online portals. [ChristianTruther.com Aug 7, 2016; The Free 

Thought Project Sept 3, 2016; Opposing Views Sept 6, 2016; What Doctors Don’t Tell You Sept 6, 2016] But alternate news sources were apparently drowned out by the recent Presidential election in the USA. Absent were CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, Reuters, The Associated Press — the major news media.'


Does Your Non-Dairy Milk Have an Additive That May Cause Psychosis?

Does Your Non-Dairy Milk Have an Additive That Could Make You Psychotic?

'Does your non-dairy milk have an additive that could make you crazy? If you drink non-dairy milk such as almond milk, coconut milk, soy milk, or flax milk, you should know about a toxic ingredient that is being added to most non-dairy milk. An ingredient that can literally make you psychotic.'


The Dirty Secrets of Feminine Hygiene Products Most Women Don’t Know

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'When a girl hit puberty, it’s automatically assumed that she’ll use pads for protection and sanitary reasons. Eventually, some young women may use tampons as well. They’re convenient, absorbent and, after a learning curve, reasonably easy to use. They’re on hand for when you need them. Women cycle every month from puberty to menopause and use what they require during those times.

But with studies questioning how these goods are made and what toxins they contain, women have new information to consider. The dangers sanitary products pose is a real concern. Ignoring them can lead to bigger health problems in the future.'


Coconut Oil For Dogs: Our 3 Favorite Recipes

coconut oil for dogs
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'One of the most popular questions we get asked here at Dogs Naturally is if giving your dog coconut oil is a good idea or just a lot of fuss about nothing.

The truth is we love coconut oil for dogs (so much that we even carry it in our store) and I’ll share our 3 favorite ways to use it. But first, let’s take a quick look at why coconut oil is such a healthy addition to your dog’s diet.'


Stress, Depression and Anxiety Are All Alleviated By Probiotics

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'Intestinal bacteria are the focus of intense research by scientists worldwide. They play a significant role in causing and preventing hundreds of diseases. According to a new systematic review and meta-analysis, probiotics have several advantageous effects on mental health by lessening the psychological symptoms of perceived stress, depression and anxiety.'


Can Intravenous Vitamin C Cure Cancer?

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'But it wasn’t until 1995 that Hugh Riordan and colleagues noted in Medical Hypotheses that, “Given in high enough doses to maintain plasma concentrations above levels that have been shown to be toxic to tumor cells in vitro, ascorbic acid has the potential to selectively kill tumor cells in a manner similar to other tumor cytotoxic chemotherapeutic agents.'


Toxic Tap Water Affects Nearly Everyone: Take Steps to Ensure you are Drinking Safe Water

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'Polluted drinking water has been making headlines lately. The lead poisoning due to known but ignored faulty filtration from the water works in Flint, Michigan. Even high-level state officials had been attempting to cover-up the damage to children for its toxic tap water for years. This was major mainstream news.

But it isn’t only Flint’s highly publicized scenario. Several other municipalities have been attempting to cover up similar toxic levels from poor water supply infrastructures. Chlorinating or boiling water doesn’t get rid of chemical or heavy metal pollutants.'


This One Thing Helps People Live Longer Than Anything Else

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'What helps people live longer than anything else? What about having an optimistic outlook on life -- a general expectation that good things will happen? According to a new study from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, that's the case.

"The absence of the negative is not the same thing as the presence of the positive. We found that factors such as optimism, life satisfaction, and happiness are associated with reduced risk of CVD [cardiovascular disease] regardless of such factors as a person's age, socioeconomic status, smoking status, or body weight," said author Julia Boehm, research fellow in the Department of Society, Human Development, and Health at HSPH.'


Building a Healthy Immune System

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'We’ve all experienced the disappointment of having to put everything on hold when our bodies crash and our health deteriorates, usually just when we think we can least afford to slow down or take a break. Deep down, most of us know that there is often an inherent wisdom in the irony of those moments. 

Nevertheless, most of us would rather avoid the inconvenience altogether—whether it’s a cold, a cough, the flu, shingles, or something else. Given the choice, who among us would refuse a hardy immune system?'

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Green Diabetes

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'9.3% of Americans and 6.5% of Canadians suffer from diabetes. There is a lot of agreement about the medical treatment. But does the treatment work? At least 5 crucial studies have found that it doesn’t.'


Collusion: DEA bans plant medicines, then Big Pharma patents them for profits

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'Is the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) really looking out for anyone’s best interests with their latest stand on natural, medicinal plants like cannabis and kratom? Most would tend to disagree with them, just on principal. But a deeper look into the matter reveals that their intent may be far more sinister than they want us to believe.'


Growing Incidence of Cardiotoxicity and Heart Damage After Chemotherapy

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'The evidence against the use of chemotherapy continues to mount, especially if you're diabetic. Heart damage caused by chemotherapy is worse in cancer patients with metabolic diseases, according to a study presented EuroEcho-Imaging 2016.'


Magnesium: The Master Mineral That is a Key to Overall Health

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'There is what many consider a master mineral – magnesium. Why? For starters, it is involved in over 300 metabolic processes in our bodies, although one doctor, Dr. Carolyn Dean, believes that number is even higher.

Magnesium is a nutrient among nutrients more important than vitamins. Without minerals, vitamin functions are greatly hampered, almost useless, according to Ed McCabe, deemed “Mr. Oxygen” for his book Flood Your Body With Oxygen and countless lectures on the subject. He surveyed nutritional and medical experts to come up with this pecking order of nutritional importance:

Pure water


The Top 5 Cancer-Fighting Healthy Fruits You Should Be Eating

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'One of the interesting things about dealing with cancer naturally as opposed to conventionally is the fact that there are myriad ways to go about doing it. 

Physiologically speaking, one treatment might work better for one person, while another fares better for someone else − and the type of cancer involved also makes a huge difference. 

But the one element that nearly all natural treatments seem to have in common is diet, which is why it’s important to learn which foods exacerbate cancer and which foods help keep it at bay.'


The Beginning Of The End Of The War On Medicine

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'The writing is on the wall, and conventional medicine should stop resisting change and start to embrace it.

For nearly 100 years, there has been a serious war going on between the proponents of allopathic (conventional) medicine and those who support natural or functional medicine. 

Functional medicine in the form of herbal, Ayurvedic, and Chinese medicine was dominant around the world for hundreds of years. Then, in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the germ theory 6,7 of disease began to take over, along with technological advances such as x-rays,8 the electron microscope,9 and the use of antibiotics.'


Parkinson's Starts In The Gut

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'The composition of our gut microbes may change through the development of many diseases. Parkinson's disease may be triggered by gut microbes, according to a California Institute of Technology (Caltech) study that points to probiotics as a potential therapy for the disease.'


Benefits of Activated Charcoal

The U.S. Centers For Disease Control – A History of Corruption

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'The recent controversy over the documentary "Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe," despite being attacked by so many who haven’t seen it, is bringing public attention to real life episodes of vaccine damaged children and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) whistleblower Dr. William Thompson’s attempt to reveal fraud in the CDC.

But this accurate CDC episode reveals only one episode of hiding data to deal disinformation publicly that doesn’t support vaccine safety. There have been several other vaccine report cover-ups and other types of fraudulent activity in addition to the Dr. Thompson whistleblower episode.'


Improve memory and prevent cognitive decline with exercise, study says

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'Everyone is aware of the benefits of exercise including cardiovascular health, improved physical fitness and emotional well-being. But, did you know – with the rising concerns about dementia – regular exercise can improve your memory?

That’s right! Just 15 minutes of exercise per day has been shown to bring a tremendous boost to health, longevity and overall quality of life.'

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Why Flower Elixirs are the Best Thing You’ve Never Heard Of

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'Why Flower Elixirs are the Best Thing You’ve Never Heard Of

Flowers - a well-loved way to brighten up our home or someone’s day - are also the best remedy you’ve likely never even heard of.

We know from our own experience, that when we spend time in nature, we feel calmer and clearer, more in tune and aware of the world around us. In Japan there is even a practice called Shinrinyoku, or forest bathing, which consists of walking in the forest for periods of time to ‘bathe in,’ or absorb, the energy of the plants, as a way to rebalance our bodies and minds.


Insufficient Sun Exposure Is Declared a Public Health Emergency

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'With adequate sun exposure and vitamin D levels, public health officials may make a significant impact on the number of deaths attributed to these diseases. According to the authors:

"Insufficient sun exposure has become a major public health problem, demanding an immediate change in the current sun-avoidance public health advice. The degree of change needed is small but critically important."'


Personalized Probiotics- In Five Years, It Will Be Routine Medical Practice

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'Intestinal bacteria play a key role in causing and preventing many diseases. Consequently, giving personalised gut health advice will be routine medical practice in five years, predicts the researcher behind the new start-up Map My Gut and big gut data projects British Gut and Kings College London's Twins UK Registry.'


The Failure of Chemotherapy - As More Patients Abstain From The Treatment More Survive

'Cancer cases have increased by more than 30 percent in the last decade and half of all cases globally are ending up in deaths according to a new report from the Global Burden of Disease Cancer Collaboration published online by JAMA Oncology. Moreover, the overall contribution of cytotoxic chemotherapy to 5-year survival in adults is below 3 percent.'



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'Holiday stress: it’s already crushing me! Between hosting Thanksgiving and indulging in (mostly healthy) holiday treats, to travel plans, and wrapping up our homeschooling semester; I’m really having to work to keep myself sane and have a healthy holiday season.

The holidays are supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year but if we’re not careful, we can succumb to seasonal health hazards. From the flu season to stress, to added toxins, and junkie foods; holiday health hazards are everywhere. Here’s how to avoid them and have a healthy holiday.'


The evidence for GINGER as a drug alternative...

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'The evidence for GINGER as a drug alternative

Beautiful Ginger. We all know it as a spice. Some of us even use it as a "home remedy." But why is it still not considered part of the conventional medical standard of care? '


Olive Oil Lovers Need to Be Wary of Olive Oil Scams

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'It’s likely that many Americans who have been buying olive oil for decades have never tasted the real thing. In fact, it’s likely that many of those who bought and used fake or compromised olive oils would reject the real thing because it tastes odd to them.

Olive racketeering has been going on for quite a while to some extent. The Romans of B.C. ages had to clamp down on it.

But it is bigger and more sophisticated now than ever. Genuine olive oil is time-consuming to produce and demands higher prices than most other edible oils. Yet olive oil is easy to adulterate and sell as the real thing.'


First Major Clinical Trials Show Magic Mushrooms Heal Mental Illness like a ‘Surgical Intervention’

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'In June 2015 we reported on the re-emerging field of using psychedelics to treat mental illness, with psilocybin, in particular, showing great promise for chronic anxiety and depression. Western medicine began realizing its potential in the 1940s, but medical research was stamped out with the War on Drugs.'


7 Things Better than Drugs for Health and Healing

'Natural medicine is an amazing field, full of inspiring stories and an ever-accumulating body of scientific research to support its increasingly popular view of health.

In fact, at GreenMedInfo.com we specialize in dredging up from the National Library of Medicine's 23-million citation deep, seemingly oceanic database, highly promising clinical pearls indicating not only the value of natural substances in disease prevention and treatment, but sometimes their clear superiority versus drugs. What's not to like about that?'


Why I Wear Orange Sunglasses at Night (to Block Blue Light)

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'It seems a lot of us have trouble sleeping these day. My post on how to get better sleep naturally has gotten really popular lately, so I wanted share an unusual thing that has helped my sleep lately: Wearing orange sunglasses at night.

Sound strange?

If you look at the research, it turns out that wearing silly glasses can serve a serious purpose!'